📰 2023 October Zine Issue and Wrap-Up!

Written by Renkon

2023年 10月 27日

It's spooky season here, and I've got some treats here for you all! It's time to dive into the 2023 October zine issue of インディー通信 Indie Tsushin!

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin 2023 October Issue

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The zine is viewable in browser, and available for download in PDF, ePub, and MOBI formats. We also have digital postcards and the Japanese interview editions (インタビュー特集) to download. It is PWYW so everyone can enjoy it! We really hope that you will check it out! Here's what's inside:

2023 October インディー通信 Indie Tsushin Zine Issue

🎮 Terranova

Title art of Terranova with Effie and Tourmaline laying side by side in a pool of water, looking at each other and holding hands

We looked at Terranova by Studio Terranova. Follow the story of four high school girls navigating love, life, and friendship through their 2000s-era IM chats and online RP journals!


Title screen of IGNISTONE

Daikon wrote about IGNISTONE by mono, a lighthearted roguelike action game focusing on timing your guard just right to parry attacks!



Daikon also wrote about CALAMITY CREATURES by kagirohi, an action and puzzle platforming game about climbing enormous mechanical creatures and dismantling them piece by piece!

🎮 Disc Creatures

Title screen of Disc Creatures by Picorinne Soft

We checked out Disc Creatures by Picorinne Soft, a creature-collecting game that combines tons of nostalgic charm with fresh new battle mechanics and story ideas!

🎮 実録パワフル野球拳スラッガー山田 (Jitsuroku Powerful Yakyuuken: Slugger Yamada)

Title screen of 実録パワフル野球拳スラッガー山田 (Jitsuroku Powerful Yakyuuken: Slugger Yamada)

Guest writer GSK wrote about 実録パワフル野球拳スラッガー山田 (Jitsuroku Powerful Yakyuuken: Slugger Yamada) by Digimeca Seisakusho, a hilarious 3D action game about the legendary martial arts known as, uh, baseball?!

🎤 Interview with Studio Terranova

Windows XP-style desktop with a wallpaper of Cherry and Tourmaline facing each other, hands outstretched and fingers touching.

We were delighted to speak with CJ and Mabbees of Studio Terranova about working on the 2000s-era interactive fiction game, Terranova! We also learned more about interface dramas, memories of role-playing as queer teenagers on an early Internet, and participating in Global Game Jam from Japan!

🎤 Interview with mono

Mame children gathered around a kamishibai storyteller about to start a show.

We got to speak with mono about making the colorful and satisfying action roguelike IGNISTONE!

🎤 Interview with kagirohi

Glyphs of a huge mechanical creature, with parts like the arm and torso drawn in more detail with descriptions in an unreadable language. Bottom text reads, 'Living calamity, called mechanical creatures.'

We had the opportunity to speak with kagirohi about working as a solo dev on CALAMITY CREATURES, an action puzzle game that has you clambering over and dismantling enormous mechanical creatures!

🎤 Interview with Satto of Picorinne Soft

Player standing in the haunted house at the end of the first episode of Disc Creatures. A round purple creature is begging the player to battle them in the future once they have become stronger.

We got the chance to speak with Satto of Picorinne Soft about working on the retro-styled creature collect-a-thon game, Disc Creatures!


🎁 2023 Summer Collection

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin 2023 Summer Collection

We released the June-July, August, and September issues into the 2023 Summer Collection! Get all three issues for $10!

🫙 勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam

勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam: Let's try something new!

As of this writing, there are still a few days left to get started on the 勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam if you haven't yet! Spin up a game engine tutorial, tutorial, sample game, or TRPG SRD and make something new!

📰 2023 September issue

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin 2023 September Issue

Check out the 2023 September issue and its games if you haven't yet!

🍸 Happy Hour!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in every Thursday from 9PM for Happy Hour, a bilingual show introducing some indie games!

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