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2023年 1月 12日
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tnk was kind enough to speak with us about their experience making games, including their most recent title, What If Scenario!

English (translated)

Translated by Renkon

Screenshot from Cut And Turn (Rocket)

(2020) Cut And Turn (Rocket)

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m tnk, and I am a solo game developer. I try to make high-quality games that are a little outside the box.

How did you get started making games?

When I was a child, because I wasn’t allowed to have video games, I longed to play them. So instead, I used paper and pen to make mazes and Super Mario levels to play again and again with my friends. When I think about it, this was the start of my game-making. The first time I developed a game was for the Unity1Week game jam.

Screenshot from きゅんぴの夏まつり

(2022) Kyunpi's Summer Festival

What does your general game-making process look like?

In my normal life, not only when making games, I have a habit of stocking up on interesting ideas. These ideas come from games, TV shows, the habits of animals, patterns on the floor, anything and everything. I think about how to combine these ideas together to make my games. When I am actually making the game, of course I think, “Is this easy to play?” and “Is it fun?” But I am also careful to think about the following questions as well: “Is this an experience that players want to have? Is this too conventional? Could I make it surprising? Can I make the process of trial-and-error fun? Can I make failure feel interesting?”

Can you tell us about some of your favorite games or genres?

My favorite game is Star Fox 64. I generally like all kinds of games, but I especially love titles that let you go exploring like in Metroidvanias. I also like old games, and even now I regularly play on my Playstation 2.

Screenshot from もしも シナリオ

(2022) What If Scenario

Please tell us about What If Scenario.

What If Scenario is a game where you rearrange the events that happen in stories. There are three stories in this game, but all of them have a slightly unsatisfying ending. Players can direct the narrative to a happy ending by moving the order of events around.

In the game, the main character needed to be tempted with sweet potato treats to leave the comfort of her kotatsu. What would get you to leave your kotatsu and go outside?

I wouldn’t be able to leave. (laughs) Probably.

Screenshot from もしも シナリオ

What was your greatest influence when making What If Scenario?

The most influential works were かまいたちの夜 (released in English as Banshee's Last Cry) and Detroit: Become Human. These types of adventure games use the player's choices to affect the story. I was also influenced by movies like Butterfly Effect and Source Code that are about trying to change the past. I believe that it is a universal human desire to think about stories and the past and wonder, “What if this happened instead?” I thought it would be a fascinating theme for players to explore in this game.

What was the most challenging part of making What If Scenario?

I spent about a year practicing writing original stories for my games and drawing the artwork. These two aspects made up the bulk of What If Scenario, so it was a good test of my training up to this point.

Screenshot from DentalKnight

(2021) DentalKnight

Can you tell us about some other games you worked on in the past?

I recommend the action game DentalKnight and the rhythm game きゅんぴのラブソング (Kyunpi’s Love Song). Both of these got a good reception.

Can you tell us about anything you are currently working on?

I’m still thinking about what to work on next, but I will probably make another small title for a game jam. I also want to try to work on a longer project that lasts from half a year to a full year.

Do you have any messages for your players?

I think that games are only completed when they are played by others. Please play and enjoy my games. If players have even a little fun with my games, I will be very happy.

Screenshot from もしも シナリオ

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

日本語 Screenshot from Cut And Turn (Rocket)

(2020) Cut And Turn (Rocket)


tnkと申します 個人ゲーム開発者です。少し変わったゲームを高品質で作ることを目指して開発しています。



Screenshot from きゅんぴの夏まつり

(2022) きゅんぴの夏まつり


普段からゲームに限らず面白いことをストックするという習慣をしていて、(これはゲームでも、テレビでも動物の習性でも、床の柄でもなんでもいいですが) そういったものを、どうやって自身の作品取り込んで、ゲームとして面白いものに出来るかを考えています。 実際に作るときには、「遊びやすい」や「面白いか」は当然考えていますが、特に以下の様なことに気をつけてゲームを開発しています。 ・プレイヤーがやりたい体験か? ・ありきたりではないか? ・驚きが作れているか? ・試行錯誤する面白さが作れるか? ・失敗しても面白いが作れるか?



Screenshot from もしも シナリオ

(2022) もしも シナリオ

この度の「もしも シナリオ」という作品についてご紹介お願いします。

「もしも シナリオ」は、物語の出来事を入れ替えるゲームです。このゲームには3つのお話がありますが、どのお話も少し物足りない結末を迎えます。プレイヤーは物語の前後を入れ替えたり、出来事を変化させることで物語をハッピーエンドに導きます。


出ることは出来ないでしょう(笑) おそらく

Screenshot from もしも シナリオ

「もしも シナリオ」を作成するにあたり、最も影響を受けたものは何ですか?(例えば、ほかのゲームや映画など何でも構いません)

最も影響を受けた作品は「かまいたちの夜」「Detroit: Become Human」といった。プレイヤーの選択が物語に影響するタイプのアドベンチャーゲームです。また「バタフライエフェクト」「ミッション:8ミニッツ」のような過去を変えようと翻弄する映画にも影響を受けました。 物語や過去に対して「もしもこうだったら?」と考えることは人間の普遍的な願いだと考えています。ゲームではプレイヤーの意思でそれを行うことが出来るので、魅力的なテーマだと思いました。

「もしも シナリオ」を作成するにあたり最も挑戦したことなどはありますか。

自身のゲームの為の物語を作ることや、絵を描くということに一年くらい取り組んできました。今回開発した「もしも シナリオ」では、これらをゲームのメインコンテンツとして取り入れるチャレンジが出来たと思います。

Screenshot from DentalKnight

(2021) DentalKnight


DentalKnight (アクションゲーム) きゅんぴのラブソング (リズムゲーム) などがおすすめしたい作品です。いずれも良い反響を頂いております





Screenshot from もしも シナリオ


tnkYou can find more of tnk's games on Unity Room and follow them on Twitter @tnkyuta64.