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2023年 2月 13日
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uracon was kind enough to speak with us about their experience making games, including the brilliant Yaminabe Jinro!

English (translated)

Translated by Renkon

A screenshot from the game with Migiko facing the player and saying, 'I got it! I just need to talk to Hidari-senpai about the game they are absorbed in right now!'

(2021) 回覧!ヒダリ先輩を探せ! (Get the word out! Search for Hidari-senpai!)

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello, I am uracon. I make games as a hobby while working as a freelance software engineer. My dream is to someday make a hit game and build a mansion worth 8.3 billion yen in Beverly Hills like the creator of Minecraft.

How did you get started making games?

I made games to practice programming when I was a student.

What does your general game-making process look like?

When I play an interesting game, I often think that I want to make something like this. If it looks like it is within my abilities to make myself and if there are people who will play it, I start planning it out. During development, I tweak the prototype again and again until it is complete.

Can you tell us about some of your favorite games (digital or analog) or genres?

For digital games, I'm really into Nintendo's Splatoon series. For analog, I like bluffing games, and I especially like Insider by Oink Games.

Title screen of Yaminabe Jinro

(2022) Yaminabe Jinro

Please tell us about Yaminabe Jinro.

It's a game where everyone is trying to make a delicious hot pot together, but there is a traitor amongst you who tries to mess it up. It combines the feeling of throwing a hot pot party with your friends while using tactics from analog games like bluffing and misdirection.

What was your greatest influence when making Yaminabe Jinro?

Yaminabe Jinro combines elements from various analog games, so there are a lot that I could say have influenced me, but the one that most informed my design is a game called Saboteur. In this game, most of the players are hard-working dwarves who dig coal mines and collect gold nuggets, while one player secretly sabotages the rest of them and interferes with their work.

A screenshot from Yaminabe Jinro where the player character is talking with the informant in an alley.

What was the most challenging part of making Yaminabe Jinro?

I think the most challenging part was designing the AI. Many analog and board games are fun to play with others, but the problem is that it is difficult to gather a lot of people together. It would be nice if we could solve the problem by simply playing against bots, but it is very difficult to program the AI to accurately judge the game situation, or to be fun for the player to chat with. It's not the ideal way to play, but Yaminabe Jinro does have bots that will play the game with you if there are not enough players.

Have you ever had a yaminabe party before? What did you put in the pot? How did it turn out?

As soon as I became a working adult, I had a yaminabe party with my co-workers. I added takoyaki. It was perfectly edible, and if anything, I thought it made the soup stock taste even more delicious. I had intended to turn the pot into utter chaos, but in the end, I settled on a safe choice. It might be because I had become an adult, but somewhere in my heart I had pumped the brakes. If this happened when I was younger, I'm sure I would have destroyed the hot pot.

Title screen of 独り身ユニオン:裏切りのシンデレラ (Singles Union: The Traitorous Cinderella)

(2020) 独り身ユニオン:裏切りのシンデレラ (Singles Union: The Traitorous Cinderella)

Can you tell us about some other games you worked on in the past?

Most recently, I was working on a game called マダミ屋 (Madamiya). It is a mystery game in which you must solve cases, but the twist is that you can only play through a case once, and you cannot play by yourself. Madamiya is an app that bundles several scenarios together. For example, one scenario is 独り身ユニオン (Singles Union) where four friends vow to remain single for life, but one of them is secretly dating an oil tycoon.

I understand that you have made analog games in the past. What kind of games did you make? What is it like making analog games compared to digital games?

In the past, I made an analog game called 破局ダイス (Divorce Dice). In this game, you use dice rolls to compete for items and strengthen the items you collect. There isn't much difference in my process when making digital versus analog games, but it is huge being able to instantly implement a change. For analog games, the players usually read the manual and try to understand the rules; but for digital games, players expect that the game will explain itself through things like tutorials.

Opening screen of 破局ダイス (Divorce Dice) with the player standing before three choices: Shop, Study, or Work.

(2019) 破局ダイス (Divorce Dice)

Can you tell us about anything you are currently working on?

Right now, I'm working on a game called 破局人狼 (Divorce Jinro). In this game, you play as the friend of a couple who are interested in each other but don't have the courage to take the first step. Most of the players support their love, but one player is a traitor who secretly works to ruin their relationship. It's still in the concept stage, but I'd like to use some of the knowledge I've gained from working on Yaminabe Jinro to make the battle of liars even more interesting.

Do you have any messages for your players?

Jinro games have an image of being difficult and scary, but once you get used to them, it's a really fun genre. The games I make are filled with my desire to dispel such stereotypes, so I want people who are not good at jinro games to try them.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

日本語 A screenshot from the game with Migiko facing the player and saying, 'I got it! I just need to talk to Hidari-senpai about the game they are absorbed in right now!'

(2021) 回覧!ヒダリ先輩を探せ!








デジタルだと任天堂のSplatoonシリーズが好きでかなりやり込んでます。アナログだと正体隠匿系が好きで特にOink Gamesインサイダーがお気に入りです。

Title screen of Yaminabe Jinro

(2022) 闇鍋人狼





A screenshot from Yaminabe Jinro where the player character is talking with the informant in an alley.





Title screen of 独り身ユニオン (Singles Union)

(2020) 独り身ユニオン:裏切りのシンデレラ



uraconさんはアナログゲームもお作りになられていると伺っております。どのようなアナログゲームを作りましたか? また、アナログゲームとデジタルゲームの作り方の違いなどがあれば教えてください。


Opening screen of 破局ダイス (Divorce Dice) with the player standing before three choices: Shop, Study, or Work.

(2019) 破局ダイス


いまは 「破局人狼」 というゲームを作っています。これは、お互い気になってるけど一歩を踏み出す勇気が出ないカップルの友達のモブになって恋を応援するんだけど、モブの中に裏切り者が潜んでいてこっそり破局させようとしてくる、というゲームです。まだ構想段階ではあるんですが、闇鍋人狼で得た知見を活かしてさらに面白い嘘つきバトルが楽しめるようにしたいです。




uraconYou can find more of uracon's games on Unity Room and follow them on Twitter @uracon_.