🎮 G Braver Burst

2023年 5月 14日
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Title screen of Mech Club G Braver Burst

I would like to introduce you to 機動倶楽部Gブレイバーバースト (Mech Club G Braver Burst) by Pegass85. When I talk about games on Indie Tsushin, I often touch on the passion that their creators have for their work. Witnessing that level of enthusiasm is undoubtedly one of the real pleasures of playing an indie game, and I am happy to be able to share their charms with so many people. This game, G Braver Burst, perfectly captures the passion of its creator. It is a fastball of pure emotion flying directly at the player, who cannot help but respond with a full swing.

Pink and silver mechs doing battle in the center of a Japanese city.

Who hasn't dreamed of huge mech battles in the center of Tokyo!

G Braver Burst is a game that simulates the training and skirmishes of a club for mechs and their pilots. The battles are turn-based and requires players to anticipate and react to their opponent's actions. Each turn, players choose how much battery power to put into their offense and defense, and this affects the success or failure rate of their actions. And the most important function, Burst, relies on the player's personality, and adds layers of complexity to their strategy. At the start of battle, players choose their pilot and mech, both of which have their own unique Bursts which can each be used once per match. Which mech you and your opponent have chosen are obvious, so it is easy to anticipate their Bursts; however, the pilots are hidden from view, so their surprise Bursts can potentially turn the tide of battle.

Silver mech doing a victory pose. Both pilots are thanking each other.

"Thank you!" "No, thank you!"

Understanding your opponent is the key to victory. But before that, it's important to get the basics down. The game has a very detailed tutorial where you can also learn more about the characters. The pilots are youthful and rough, but they are also strangely polite, and the love they share for their mechs and club activities is obvious. It is incredibly charming, so be sure to play the tutorial.

Although the game really shines when you play against friends in online PVP, you might want to practice on your own before then. Rest assured, there is a single-player Arcade mode that lets you enjoy full-fledged battles against bots. You can use this mode to learn the unique playstyle of each mech and pilot and find your own fighting style. It's a lot of fun trying to reach a good balance between offense and defense, and learning when to stun your opponent with something unexpected.

Mech select screen with the silver mech highlighted.

Four mechs and four pilots to mix up your strategy!

Let's take a look at the mech designs. As you can see, the mechs attack with their enormous fists, not with lasers. As a result, their armor is thick and their center of gravity is low, giving them a hefty sense of stability. You can feel their strong willpower to keep standing against the hailstorm of blows they face. The mechs draw heavy inspiration from toy models, with their articulated parts and multi-layered plating. If you get stuck trying to pick a good mech, don't worry about its Burst ability and just go with the design that speaks to you the most.

Once you get the hang of G Braver Burst, it feels like a Pokémon ranked battle or a card game. These examples may be the easiest way to describe the flow of matches. However, the unique tactics of battery allotment and consumption, plus the sudden reversals precipitated by Bursts, will be new experiences for players.

Silver mech punching out a pink mech for 2300 damage, with WIN in the upper left corner.

Finishing blow!!

Above all else, you will feel the passion the creators have for G Braver Burst when you consider how much energy went into balancing this game, along with the charming and detailed designs of the mechs. Once you start playing, you will create your own unique strategy, and you will want to play again and again to refine it even further. And then, you will realize that the creator's passion has completely infected you, too. If you're ready to give in to your love of mechs, join Mech Club G Braver Burst.

You can play G Braver Burst in your browser and on Android. Follow on Pegass85 on Twitter @pegass85. And you can watch us play G Braver Burst on stream!