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We had the chance to speak with Kakeru Fujimiya about CG art, dinosaurs, and the バーチャル恐竜館 (Virtual Dinosaur Museum)!

English (Translated)

Translated by Renkon

An Alamosaurus looming over a human visitor.

(2023) バーチャル恐竜館 (Virtual Dinosaur Museum)

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello. My name is Kakeru Fujimiya. I have loved dinosaurs since I was in elementary school, and a few years ago I started making 3D computer graphics as a hobby. Now I make CG art about dinosaurs almost every night.

How did you get started as a CG artist?

I had an acquaintance who teaches CG at a vocational school, and they taught me the basics of CG. After learning the basics, I was told, "Make something you like," so I made a dinosaur that I've liked since I was a child. It was so much fun! Since then, I've been making dinosaurs almost every day 😆

Are there any CG artists or works that you like and can recommend?

There are so many... But to start, I can't leave out all of the artists who worked on the Jurassic Park movies, and of course the director Steven Spielberg!

A Herrerasaurus snarling at a human visitor.

Please tell us about Virtual Dinosaur Museum!

Virtual Dinosaur Museum is a space where you can freely walk around and approach life-sized dinosaurs on display. Unlike in a book where it can be difficult to imagine their sizes, here you can immediately grasp how they would appear in real life. And you can observe the dinosaurs from any angle you like.

The descriptions for the dinosaurs were very detailed and fun to read. How did you research all of these dinosaurs?

Ever since I was a child, I loved dinosaurs and animals, so I always had my antennae out to pick up such information without realizing it. My main resource was books. I loved not only books about dinosaurs, but also books about biological evolution. And of course, I also looked up information online. I also check to make sure my information is correct.

A photograph and text entry for Parasaurolophus.

What was the most challenging part of making Virtual Dinosaur Museum?

I had a hard time getting it to work the same across both PC and smartphone. I have little knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, so I programmed it with the help of ChatGPT.

How did you get interested in dinosaurs? Have you ever been to an actual dinosaur museum?

My first love was with Ultraman kaiju. I remember learning katakana by looking up entries in kaiju encyclopedias. I don't quite remember how I first encountered dinosaurs, but it might have been from my parents' encyclopedias at home... I fell in love with dinosaurs because unlike fictional kaiju, these were real creatures who once existed. After all, they are huge and cool creatures, so I cannot relate to anyone who isn't interested in them 😅

Of course I go to dinosaur museums. I will go to the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo again this May!

An Allosaurus lunging at a Stegosaurus.

What is your favorite dinosaur and why?

It's hard to choose, but I have to say that I prefer herbivores to carnivores. In order to fend off predators, herbivores had to evolve weapons such as horns, cover their bodies in armor, and become absolutely enormous. Because of this, there are many cool-looking dinosaurs.

If I was forced to choose only one species, it would be the one I use for my avatar on Twitter and other places, the Stegosaurus. I think Stegosaurus is cool because it looks completely different from any modern-day animal due to its innovative design!

If you had infinite money and technology, would you make your own Jurassic Park?

I want to see dinosaurs, but it might cause a lot of problems if they were revived in our current age... So instead, I would invent a time machine and visit the age of dinosaurs!!

A Giganotosaurus towering over the viewer with jaws open wide.

Can you tell us about anything else you have worked on?

I sell goods for my original CG art at the Virtual Dinosaur Museum Souvenir Corner.

Can you tell us about anything you are currently working on?

Some people expressed interest in how I make my CG artwork, so I'm thinking of creating a course on how to make dinosaurs in CG.

Also, I got a great response on some pieces of raising small dinosaurs in a tank (search for #dinorium on Twitter), so I'm thinking about making it into a game.

A feathery Deinonychus with jaws open wide.

Do you have any messages for your visitors?

I manage the Virtual Dinosaur Museum with the hope the that people who only know about dinosaurs from movies and encyclopedias can take their interest to the next level.

Unlike kaiju and monsters, dinosaurs were real creatures who lived in ancient times, and are our revered elders of our Earth. More than just cool, scary, or cute, it would make me happy if you noticed that they are wonderfully evolved creatures.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

日本語 An Alamosaurus looming over a human visitor.

(2023) バーチャル恐竜館







A Herrerasaurus snarling at a human visitor.





A photograph and text entry for Parasaurolophus.






An Allosaurus lunging at a Stegosaurus.






A Giganotosaurus towering over the viewer with jaws open wide.






A feathery Deinonychus with jaws open wide.





Kakeru Fujimiya You can follow Kakeru Fujimiya on Twitter @k_fujimiya, and find more of their work on ArtStation and Pixiv. Visit the Virtual Dinosaur Museum in your browser.