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We had the pleasure of speaking with Sketchy Ceviche about working on the bakery-based brawler, El Panadero!

English (Translated)

Translated by Renkon

El Panadero: The Burly Baker VS the Vegetal Invaders

(in development) El Panadero

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your life in Japan.

Hello, I am inubass of Sketchy Ceviche. I was born and raised in Mexico, and I am an ordinary IT all-rounder. My life in Japan... I came to Japan about twenty years ago, and have quite a normal life. (Please forgive any mistakes I may make in Japanese!)

How did you get started making games?

I started at the end of 2020. Nobody could leave or enter the country, and my father couldn't visit me in Japan. We would get in touch about once a week, and I casually brought up the idea of making a game together. My father, who has never so much as touched a game controller, heard this and replied, "Sounds good!"


The two of us designed a casual exploration game starring a mining engineer. There is no violence or scary stuff, so it is good game for beginners who want to enjoy lo-fi music.

After teaching myself how to make a game in about a year and a half, I uploaded El Minero to Steam, and lo! It didn't sell at all!

Of course!

But I learned a lot, so in the end it was OK!

The baker punching a giant crumpled-up vegetable skeleton.

What does your general process for game development look like?

It's about the same as drawing a picture:

  • Start with a rough sketch of the form, and continue steadily adding in details.
  • Remove the parts that aren't going well or are unnecessary, and remake them.
  • If a completed portion is no good, remove it.
  • When I have finished the general form, start polishing, fix bugs, make improvements, and so on.

If things are basically going well, I continue to the next stage. If it isn't, I cut and remove those parts.

Can you tell us about some of your favorite games or genres?

It's hard to pick only one. Rez, Jet Set Radio, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Samurai Shodown II, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Mischief Makers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rocksmith, and so on. I really like all of them. This year, I also really enjoyed Hi-Fi Rush.

I also can't choose a favorite genre. If the game looks fun, I'll try it.

The baker standing on a platform with the city spread out in the background, and eyeball monsters hovering nearby.

Please tell us about El Panadero!

El Panadero is about a baker going on a rampage through an action platforming game. I aimed to keep the action simple and for everything to basically be settled through violence.

It is mainly a single-player game, but it does support local co-op, so you can play with your friends and family. You can enjoy the hand-drawn Mexican-style cosmic horror artwork, action, and comedy.

I developed the game and created the graphics by myself. Some of the music was provided by ghostpops of TOKYO DOPE CITY.

What was your greatest influence when making El Panadero?

The games that influenced me were titles like Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja, Contra, and the original Castlevania.

The scenery and setting is based on my hometown Guanajuato, the view of lettuce under a microscope, The Body Snatcher, the El Santo series, and They Live.

The baker crossing vine monkey bars in a dark level, with glowing amoeba-looking enemies nearby.

We really enjoyed the theme and illustrations in this game. Can you tell us how you came up with the story of a baker throwing dough at aliens? Also, please tell us about the world of your game.

In my previous work El Minero, I basically avoided adding in violence or scary things so that my father could play it. Because of that, I wanted to go wild with my next project.

Defeating enemies using only ranged attacks won't calm your anger. What can you fling at a target without actually knocking them over? Bread dough, right? I wanted it to stun enemies so that players could then approach and punch them head-on with all their might. Baking requires a lot of physical strength so I thought making the player a buff baker would be perfect.

I didn't want to make a game about punching humans, and the enemy would have to be something that riles up the normally friendly baker. For that reason, I made the enemies into plant-like aliens.

When words don't work on your opponents, you have to let your fists do the talking. This logic only applies to video games!

What was the most challenging part of making El Panadero?

I wanted to make something where it was fun to just move around. After that, the next challenge was adding spice to the attacks.

The baker floating down with angel wings after having been resurrected while fighting against a giant skeleton boss.

When showing off El Panadero at events, what kind of reaction did you get from players?

It's been a hit so far at events! Although I noticed quite a few spots that need more polishing, we got a lot of positive feedback on the world and the fun action. Sometimes it was hard for players to understand what to do next and how to proceed! I'll do my best to improve that!

The hand-drawn visuals in El Panadero and El Minero are unique and vivid. Can you tell us about some of the influences on your visual style, like comics or animation?

Unique and vivid?!

I have too many favorite artists in comics and animation!

Yuri Norstein's Tale of Tales, the Muppet Babies from the '80s, '90s-era Batman, The Adventures of Tintin. I also like the art styles of the Japanese superflat art style, Mexican art murals, and the Mexican comic La Familia Burrón. When it comes to Japanese manga, there are too many to name! I am fond of the works of Tsutomu Nihei, Masamune Shirow, and Range Murata.

Of course, my art is not that great, so I don't know if you can see their influence on my work!

El Panadero follows the story of a baker. Do you enjoy baking or cooking, and what do you make?

Ceviche! It is a kind of marinated seafood dish with many variants, and is popular in Spanish-speaking countries! Of course, what I make is Mexican-style with ketchup, coriander, and lots of chili peppers!

El Minero

(2022) El Minero

Can you tell us about any other games you worked on in the past?

El Minero is a game where you experience working as a mining engineer for a week... at least, that was the intention! The quality of the game is low, but the music is ridiculously good. There is a demo on itch.

Can you tell us about anything you are currently working on?

So far, I've finished about 70% of the planned work on El Panadero. It will be completed this year! Definitely! Maybe!

Do you have any messages for your players?

Please try the demo! Tell me your impressions!

It's still in development, so I can fix it! Probably!

The baker doing a spinning attack against some eyeball monsters while coins spill out.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

日本語 El Panadero: The Burly Baker VS the Vegetal Invaders

(開発中) El Panadero


どうも、Sketchy Cevicheinubassです。メキシコで生まれ育ち平凡なITの何でも屋です。日本での生活ですか…20年前くらいに来日して、極普通の生活をしています。(日本語が間違っているところは大目に見て下さい!)





ゲームの作り方を自習しながら一年半程度で出来上がってたら「El Minero」をスチームにアップして、なんと!全然売れてない!



The baker punching a giant crumpled-up vegetable skeleton.



  • ある程度のフォームをラフに、どんどん細かいところに進める。
  • 上手く行っていないところの無駄を消し、作り直す。
  • 出来上がったものがだめなら、切り捨てる。
  • 終わったらまた磨いて、バグを直し、改善、など。



一つに絞りにくいですね。「Rez」、「ジェットセットラジオ」、「Capcom Vs SNK 2」、「真サムライスピリッツ」、「ブラッドステインド」、「ゆけゆけ!!トラブルメーカーズ」、「ティーンエイジ・ミュータント・ニンジャ・タートルズ」、「Rocksmith」、など、どれもがどうしよもなく好きですね。今年、「Hi-Fi Rush」もかなり楽しめました。


The baker standing on a platform with the city spread out in the background, and eyeball monsters hovering nearby.

この度の「El Panadero」という作品についてご紹介お願いします。

「El Panadero」はパン屋さんが暴れていくアクションプラットフォームゲームです。簡単な動作とシンプルな目的、とにかく、暴力で解決が出来るものです。


開発とグラフィックはソロでやっています。音楽の一部がTOKYO DOPE CITYのghostpopsに提供して頂いています。

「El Panadero」を作成するにあたり、最も影響を受けたものは何ですか?(例えば、ほかのゲームや映画など何でも構いません)

ゲームで言ったら、「JOE&MAC 戦え原始人」や「魂斗羅」、初代の「悪魔城ドラキュラ」などかな。


The baker crossing vine monkey bars in a dark level, with glowing amoeba-looking enemies nearby.


前作「El Minero」、では、基本的に親父が遊べるように暴力や怖いものはなしにしたので、次の作品で暴れて行くことにしたかった。




「El Panadero」を作成するにあたり最も挑戦したことなどはありますか。


The baker floating down with angel wings after having been resurrected while fighting against a giant skeleton boss.

展示会などで「El Panadero」をプレイした方々のリアクションはどうでしたか。


「El Panadero」、「El Minero」の両方のゲームでの手書き風のヴィジュアルがユニークで衝撃的でした。影響を受けたヴィジュアルスタイル、好きな漫画やアニメなどはありますか。



ユーリ・ノルシュテイン「話の話」や80年代の「マペット・ベビー」90年代の「バットマン」「タンタンの冒険」、それに日本のスーパーフラット作家さんやメキシコ壁画や国の漫画「La Familia Burrón」などなどが好きです。日本の漫画なら、数え切れないです!弐瓶勉士郎正宗村田蓮爾の作品がかなり気に入っています。




El Minero

(2022) El Minero


「El Minero」は鉱山技師の一週間の間のお仕事を体験するゲーム…のつもりです!ゲーム性は低いが音楽はめちゃくちゃいいですよ。itchにてデモが有ります






The baker doing a spinning attack against some eyeball monsters while coins spill out.


Sketchy Ceviche You can follow Sketchy Ceviche on Twitter @SketchyCeviche and find more of their work on itch.