🫙 Announcing the 勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam!

Written by Renkon

2023年 10月 01日

You may have noticed that our top header now has a Jams page. And that's because we are doing something new: running the 勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam through the month of October!

勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam: Let's try something new!

勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam! Let's try something new!

This is your chance to learn a new game engine, tool, genre, whatever! If you've never made a game before, here is your chance! If you've made a thousand games before but you've never made a puzzle game or FPS or roll-n-write, this is also your chance! Let's try something new in October!