🫙 勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam Results!

2023年 11月 14日 勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam! Let's try something new!

For the entire month of 2023 October, we ran the 勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam! This was a game jam all about learning something new, sharing resources with others, and gaining the confidence to step out of your comfort zone! Entrants were encouraged to download a tutorial just to learn how it works, or make something in a genre or style they have never tried before. We also asked that all participants write about the things they learned during this process. It was a lot of fun, and we had a great time learning that we could make cool stuff by trying something new!

At the end of the jam, we streamed all of the entries! It was a ton of fun, and we loved seeing what everyone made and learned!

Thanks again to everyone for participating, and we hope to see again in future jams!

GodotTutorialのみ by Nice Gear Games (Daikon)

Daikon messed around with this Godot tutorial. He did not end up making his own game, but he did learn a lot about how Godot works!



What did you learn?

I used Godot for the first time. I tried using Godot 3 so that I could use other people's past projects as a reference. The tutorial I used was very easy to use and its Japanese language support was excellent, so I recommend trying that first. I personally found it very helpful in understanding how to use the editor. I feel that if I understood Rigidbody better, I would be able to create games in the way I'm used to in the engine I've used until now (Unity), so I'm going to focus on that in future. Ultimately, I would like to be able to create a 2D platformer in Godot. (English translation by Renkon)

🦝 ヒトを避けろ! (Avoid the Humans!) by nyacchu

ヒトを避けろ! by nyacchu

Oh, no! Tanuki is trapped in a nightmare scramble crossing! Avoid, avoid, avoid the humans!


Godot Engine を初めて触りました。Unityに似ているところもありますが、ノードやシグナルなど独特の概念がありました。これらは、なんだかすっと手に馴染むような感触がありました。不思議。作った作品は、Godot公式のチュートリアルで作れる2Dゲームから、イラストと音楽を変更したものです。この少しの変更で、プレイしたときの感じ方が変わる、という小さな発見もありました。

What did you learn for this jam?

This was my first experience working with Godot Engine. It shares some similarities with Unity, but it has unique features like nodes and signals. These, for some reason, were really comfortable for me to use. Weird, huh? The game I made is a 2D game using Godot's official tutorial, with the graphics and music swapped out. I also discovered that even these minor adjustments changed the way I felt when playing the game. (English translation by Renkon)

🇨🇦 Ikimashou! by Bagel Poutine

Ikimashou! by Bagel Poutine

Let's take a cross-country trip across Canada! Join Zinnia as she explores Montréal, Toronto, & Vancouver in this slice-of-life visual novel!



この前から、Adobe Photoshopなどのツールを、YouTubeのチュートリアルなどを参考に使いました。



What did you learn for this jam?

The game is made using the Ren'Py engine.

I have used many tools such as Adobe Photoshop and followed tutorials on YouTube, for example this one.

I would work on the game whenever I was bored, doing everything from the writing to the background art. I would commission the character art from an artist, though. I recently got some feedback and so I was intent on improving the visual novel.

I learned to take feedback from others into account, but not to take it too seriously. This is YOUR game, after all!

🌸 Little Cyan by Ben Sherratt

Little Cyan by Ben Sherratt

A very sweet puzzle game where you play with CYMK hues in order to cross obstacles like a cyan river, yellow sand, and magenta flowers.




What did you learn for this jam?

I made this in PuzzleScript. First, I made the rules, and then I thought about the levels where those rules would be used. Although I could test and change the rules quite easily, I think it's a little hard to use PuzzleScript to make game rules besides Sokoban.

Unfortunately, PuzzleScript does not have a Japanese font. (English translation by Renkon)

🌄 morning drive to gifu by Nice Gear Games (Renkon)

morning drive to gifu by Nice Gear Games (Renkon)

A short memory of the conversation I had on an early morning drive to Gifu Prefecture.


私は初めてbinksi HDに挑戦しました!そして、PRINCESS INTERNET CAFé'sさんのTiny binksi Visual Novel templateを参考にしました。車のサウンドはこちらのフリー素材です。

前にbitsyを使いましたが、binksiは全然違いました。Inkのスクリプトを試して、とても気に入りました。bitsyの会話システムより使いやすかったです。将来は、シーン遷移とbitsyのキャラクター移動も入れてみたいと思います。PRINCESS INTERNET CAFéさんのVNテンプレートをおすすめします。それがなければ、私はbinksiのUIに対して迷ったと思います。


What did you learn?

I tried out binksi HD for the first time! And I used PRINCESS INTERNET CAFé's Tiny binksi Visual Novel template to learn from and make my game. The car sound is a royalty-free audio file from Pixabay.

I've used bitsy in the past, but working with binksi was completely different. I played around with some of the Ink scripting for stories, and I really like how it works. It is a lot more intuitive than bitsy's dialogue boxes. In future, I would like to learn how to do scene changes as well as add bitsy "gameplay" of having a character walk around the screen. I highly recommend the VN template by PRINCESS INTERNET CAFé. Without it, I think I would have been a bit lost trying to figure out binksi's interface.

The photos came from our actual drive to Gifu last month. I really like the small resolution because the slightly grainy quality works well with the bitsy aesthetics. I wrote the story in an afternoon, mostly to capture my genuine feelings during that drive. It is not my best work, but since my purpose this time around was to learn binksi more than anything, I feel satisfied having reached my goal. I also feel like in future, if I can come up with a better story, I'll be able to jump back into binksi. I have a few story ideas brewing, and it is nice that I now have a bit of experience working with binksi to feel confident enough to pull them off.

🌌 ▹ph◉ton by yumehiko

▹ph◉ton by yumehiko

Stylish roguelite where you use your mouse to collect triangle bits around the screen, level up, then gain new abilities to take down enemies and gain more bits!


Godotのための習作です。Godot 4.1.2で制作しました。一本のまとまったゲームをゼロから作る方がよいと考え、「マリオペイント」のおまけのハエたたきゲームを下敷きに、たくさんオブジェクトが生成されるゲームを考案しました。Godotの語彙をいくつか覚えるまで少し戸惑いましたが、それ以降はかなり快適に制作できました。UniTaskライクなasync-awaitパターンのためにGDTaskを使った他、Reactive Extension、Reactive Propertyを使っています。ソースコードを公開しています

What did you learn for this jam?

I made this to learn Godot. I made it in Godot 4.1.2. I thought it would be better to make a complete game from scratch, so I thought of a game that would generate a lot of objects, based on the Gnat Attack minigame in Mario Paint. I was a little confused until I learned Godot's jargon, but after that it was pretty smooth. I used GDTask, which had an async-await pattern like UniTask. On top of that, I also used Reactive Extension and Reactive Property. I've made my source code available here. (English translation by Renkon)

👻 Spectre Palette Ballet by almostabetrayal

Spectre Palette Ballet by almostabetrayal

A super cute platformer where you play a ghost gobbling up paint! There is also a fun twist at the end where it becomes a game-within-a-game.


バージョン選択を迷いましたが、結局Godot 4.1.2を初めてのGodotとして選んで、ゲームを作ってみました。チュートリアル通りにすると、作りやすいですが、「このnodeはこれができるから、これもできるじゃない?」と思ったら、ほとんど不正解でした(*゚▽゚)ノ


What did you learn for this jam?

I had a hard time choosing which version to use, but in the end I went with Godot 4.1.2 to make my very first Godot game. It's pretty easy if you follow a tutorial, but if you start thinking, "This node can do this, so it can do this too, right?" Most of the time, I got it wrong(*゚▽゚)ノ

I was a little late submitting this, but at least I was able to make a game. I also wrote about what I learned in the game's devlog, so please take a look. I don't know if I can get my meaning across. (laughs) (English translation by Renkon)