🫙 リブートジャム // Reboot Jam Results!

2024年 2月 07日 リブートジャム // Reboot Jam

For the month of 2024 January, we ran the リブートジャム // Reboot Jam! This was a game jam about rebooting a project they had started on in the past but never finished. We also asked that all participants write about the things they learned during this process. It was a lot of fun, and we had a great time learning that we could make cool stuff by trying something new! Thanks again to everyone for participating, and we hope to see again in future jams!

🚗 300年祭 (300-Year Festival) by Nice Gear Games (Daikon)

300年祭 by Nice Gear Games (Daikon)

A visual novel about returning to a hometown haunted by the memories of the people who lived there, and of a long-forgotten festival.



Driving past the shrine in 300年祭

Can you tell us why you chose to reboot this game, and how you were able to bring out its potential?

As a team, we had been discussing the idea of creating a visual novel, but since our story was not fully fleshed-out and often didn't have much time to work on it, we hesitated to get started. I think that by sitting down and hammering out the narrative, I was able to realize how much fun it is to come up with stories. In particular, creating a story that overlaps with my own life was a very good experience, as it gave me the opportunity to step back and evaluate my life objectively, much like writing in a diary. I often see game creators making games that deal with their personal issues in this way. Now I want to play more of those games.

🏎️ 3cksdee by Vincent Knecht

3cksdee by Vincent Knecht


「Ecksdee」は、GenjixさんがCrystal Space 3D エンジン用のホバークラフト車両プラグインを作成したときに誕生しました。私たちはそれを「Wipeout」のようなゲームで利用することにしました。それが当然と思いました 😊



Racing ship at the starting line of a course

Can you tell us why you chose to reboot this game, and how you were able to bring out its potential?

Ecksdee was born when Genjix made a hovercraft vehicle plugin for the Crystal Space 3D engine, and we decided to make use of it in a Wipeout-like game. It only seemed natural 😊

Around the year 2000, there was a Linux game named XRacer, but it was abandoned. Ecksdee development stopped in 2009 when I was alone and didn't have much time to spend on it anymore. In the end, it was rebased on another game which had some network support, but it was really published (only in a subversion repo).

I began this project mid-December 2023, really thinking of it as a reboot of Ecksdee. Then at the end of December, I saw a Mastodon post about the Reboot Jam, and thought it was related.

🗝️ (Jail) by DSPSE

檻 by DSPSE

Stylish escape room game with a gripping story and multiple endings! Can you get your memories back?



勉強会ジャムはNice Gear Gamesさんたちが開催してくださったゲームジャムで、何か初めてすることを勉強しながらやってみましょうという趣旨のジャムです。





Colorful fish in a tank, set in a dark room. There is a small table in front of the tank with three round objects.

Can you tell us why you chose to reboot this game, and how you were able to bring out its potential?

This game was originally created to be submitted to the Study Buddy Jam held in 2023 November. That game jam was held by Nice Gear Games, and the purpose was to let you try and learn something new.

Normally, we are a two-member team who make games together. For the Study Buddy Jam, I worked on this game alone with the concept of, "For the first time, the person who is normally in charge of design will create a game by themself, doing everything from design to programming." However, the scope of the game grew too large and I wasn't able to meet the deadline, so the game was left unfinished.

So this time around, I asked the person who is in charge of programming to help with the parts that I couldn't complete, and we were able to finish it off.

I think that as the design staff, I gained a deeper understanding of things by playing around with the game engine, such as "How should I hand over assets?" and "How should I express myself in a way that would benefit both of us?"

We were able to implement 3D animation, which would not have been possible by the designer alone, and so our visual style was rebooted. (English translation by Renkon)