👑 Pickup! Tokyo Game Dungeon 5

2024年 5月 28日 Tokyo Game Dungeon 5

This year's Golden Week kicked off with the fifth Tokyo Game Dungeon! With each iteration of this event, it just gets bigger and better. This time around, the event was split between two floors, allowing for more space and more booths. Which was a very good thing indeed because of how crowded it got! Let this be a lesson to never underestimate how many people want to check out indie games in Japan.

And so let's get into it! Here are fifteen cool games that I either saw on the show floor or checked out at home! You can find even more games on the Steam sale page for the event!

🏝️ クロノスの孤島 (Chronos no Kotou) by っっっt

What is it? A programming roguelike with turn-based battles on a grid! Automate your units and send them out to battle against stylish pixel art enemies.

Where can I play it? Chronos no Kotou is currently in development. Please check developer っっっt's Twitter for the latest updates.

⛏️ DigDigDrill by とーらい

What is it? A side-scrolling platformer about digging deep into the earth and finding cool stuff! Collect resources, craft better equipment using your puzzle-smithing skills, and keep digging!

Where can I play it? DigDigDrill is coming to Steam later this year.

📸 DLife by Mindware

What is it? A funky retro photography game where you take snapshots of colorful light particles that swim across the screen. The electronic music reacts to the light forms, creating a really interesting experience. Bonus points if you play it on a Korg controller!

Where can I play it? DLife is available for download on Steam, and physical copies on BEEP and KVClab.

🥜 Elfie by Solomar (Pressed Elephant)

What is it? A collection of mini games starring Elfie the round elephant! Vacuum up peanuts to make peanut butter, blow bubbles, tell jokes, and just have a chill, wholesome time with your new best friend.

Where can I play it? Elfie is coming soon to Steam. Be sure to also check out the Pressed Elephant itch page for more Elfie goodies!

🪞 ヒサとヨミ (Hisa to Yomi) by teamAimaigo

What is it? A contemplative fantasy game of exploring the fabled Mizukagami Tower. Explore the different surreal levels, cast your magic to solve puzzles, and find some way of freeing your best friend from this mysterious place...

Where can I play it? You can download Hisa to Yomi on Windows and Mac from the game's website. It is also available on Steam, where it comes with a prequel novel.

💏 カップルメーカー (Couple Maker) by にしすけ

What is it? Play as a matchmaker in this frantic and fun mobile puzzle game! Read your clients' requests and hook them up with the partner of their dreams using conveyor belt puzzle mechanics. Simple and charming.

Where can I play it? Couple Maker is available on iOS and Android.

⌨️ Last Standing by Nao Games

What is it? Smash your beefy hands against the keyboard in this beat 'em up! The left and right halves of the keyboard have you slashing at enemies on either side of you, and swirling your mouse around unleashes a huge attack. How long can you survive against the onslaught of enemies?

Where can I play it? Last Standing is coming to Steam later this year.

🦸 LIMP HEROES+ by Picola Games

What is it? An arcade fighting game where you play as a, well, limp hero! Fling your ragdoll fighter across the screen and unleash your special attacks to take down your opponent. But don't hit your head into the ground! Simple and fun with great visuals obviously inspired by American superhero comics.

Where can I play it? LIMP HEROES+ is available on Steam.

🔫 Paradigm Overhaul by kumashunGames

What is it? A side-scrolling puzzle platformer where you use your gun to both take on enemies and power on platforms in the environment that let you progress through stages. Gorgeous pixel art and atmospheric chiptune music.

Where can I play it? Paradigm Overhaul is coming soon to Steam.

🐊 ピンチ50連発!! (Pinch 50 Renpatsu!!) by KaeruPanda Inc. and GameStudio Inc.

What is it? An absurd side-scrolling platformer where you are constantly in a pinch! Outrun boulders, leap over spiky pits, and swing perilously over rivers full of crocodiles. Use your quick reflexes to get through this tight pinch!

Where can I play it? Pinch 50 is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

🍳 Princess Defense Crowns by Harukana Game

Princess Defense Crowns artwork

What is it? A super cute hybrid of tower defense and deck-building game. Place units around the enemy paths to take them down before they can reach the central crystal. Collect cards that let you upgrade units, unleash special attacks, and heal up your team. Really addicting and fun to play.

Where can I play it? Princess Defense Crowns is currently in development. Check developer Harukana Game's website for the latest updates.

🤖 Robot Girl's Dream -RobotBattleChampionship- by DeskClub Games

What is it? A quirky and comical RPG with turn-based battles in the titular Robot Battle Championship! You wake up as a robot girl who lost all of her memories. Talk to people, train up for robot battles, and progress through this charming story with great artwork.

Where can I play it? Robot Girl's Dream is coming soon to Steam.

🧖 Sauna of the DEAD by Finger tip

What is it? An action RPG where you must defend your beloved bathhouse from the undead! Swing your towel around to blast hot air at zombies, fill up on refreshments, and practice mindfulness in the different stages of the sauna experience.

Where can I play it? Sauna of the DEAD is coming soon to Steam in Early Access.

💰 SuperTaxCity by ソラマメ工房

What is it? A simple but addicting roguelike city builder. Choose which buildings for your workers to set up, move workers between facilities to perform different tasks, and build up the city of your dreams. But make sure you have enough money to pay your taxes or it's game over! Cute pixel art and very quick to pick up and play.

Where can I play it? SuperTaxCity is coming soon to Steam.

🧙 Witching Stone by Alexander Taylor

What is it? A deck-building roguelike with turn-based battles that use a unique gem-connecting mechanic. Connect different colored gems together to cast magic, collect acorns to buy new cards or upgrade your existing spells, and fight your way through the gauntlet of enemies to get to the next stage!

Where can I play it? Witching Stone is coming soon to Steam and itch, with demos available on both platforms.