📌 Note about the 2024 March and April issue

2024年 4月 02日

So... you may have noticed that it is April 2nd, and the March issue has not released. This is 100% my fault for not planning well, plus a perfect storm of some personal issues. The tl;dr is this:

  1. The March and April issues will be combined, and come out at the end of April.
  2. I already had a slate of stuff I wanted to go up in April, and I'll be working to get that up on time, as well as the backlogged stuff that was supposed to go up in March.
  3. Moving forward, I don't know if we will continue to publish the zines on a monthly basis, or if we'll do it on a bimonthly (i.e. every other month) basis. I have to confess that it has been tough to work on Indie Tsushin so far this year due to some personal stuff going on, and I don't know if this is a temporary setback or something I need to factor in long-term.

I would LIKE to keep making issues on a monthly basis because they're really fun to work on and (I know I am biased here but) I love how they look. So I don't want to say just yet that I am scaling back on them. But this month at least will be a combined issue, and I am really looking forward to getting more stuff up online very soon.

I am very sorry for the huge delay, especially to the people who took the time to interview with us! I would like to sincerely apologize for not getting them up on the site in a timely manner. As for readers, I hope you will look forward to more stuff going up soon!