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The peak of the rainy season has come and gone, making way for the brutal Kanto summer. Here's hoping that the 2023 June-July issue of インディー通信 Indie Tsushin can help cool you down, somehow!

Title card for the インディー通信 Indie Tsushin 2023 June-July Issue

This digital issue is available to read in browser, or downloaded as PDF, ePub, and MOBI files. It is also PWYW so anyone can read it!

You may have already heard, but this has been a rough month for me health-wise. Thank you so much for your patience as articles went up a lot later than anticipated, and MAJOR HUGE THANKS to Daikon for basically carrying the entire issue this month. We will be taking things slower for July. We do have a couple of blog entries planned to go up in July, but those will get released in zine form in the August issue, since there won't be a July issue. I hope to use that time to recover my strength and come back better than ever. Thank you so much for all of your kind support, it has meant the world to us!

And without further ado, let's see what's inside!

2023 June-July issue

🎮 El Panadero

El Panadero title screen

Daikon wrote about El Panadero by Sketchy Ceviche, an upcoming side-scrolling beat-'em-up starring a baker fighting to protect the Earth from invading veggie aliens!


TANITANI WIZARD title screen

Daikon wrote about TANITANI WIZARD, a fantasy-themed bullet hell by SparkWing featuring adorable tanishi snail partners!

🎮 Invercity

Invercity title screen

Daikon wrote about Invercity, a puzzle platformer by Marudice about flipping your perspective on the world!



Daikon wrote about BATTING CARDGAME, an analog and also digital hybrid game by Studio Shimazu about psyching out your opponent in the last inning of baseball!


HER TREES title screen

Personal ruminations while talking about HER TREES, a slightly unusual escape room game by stone!

🎤 Interview with Sketchy Ceviche

The Baker approaching a giant green skull with flower petals growing out of its eye sockets.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sketchy Ceviche about working on the bakery-based brawler, El Panadero!

🎤 Interview with SparkWing

Player in TANITANI WIZARD fighting against a giant mermaid boss holding a trident

We had the pleasure of speaking with SparkWing about working on game jam titles and the fantasy-themed bullet hell, TANITANI WIZARD!

🎤 Interview with Marudice

Sunset in Invercity, Urara is walking along a beach towards a mermaid in a pool of water

We had the pleasure of speaking with Marudice about working on the topsy-turvy puzzle platformer, Invercity!

🎤 Interview with Studio Shimazu


We had the pleasure of speaking with Shimazu Studios about teaching online classes in Unity, collaborating with others in an online environment, and making the tense 1v1 BATTING CARDGAME!

Other announcements

🏖️ Summer Vacation

With the release of this issue, Daikon and I will be taking a bit of a summer break! We have a few articles that we want to upload to the site during July, but they'll be released in zine form with the August issue.

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🎪 Nice Gear Games at Tokyo Game Dungeon 3 AND Yokohama Game Dungeon!

That's right, we applied to both Tokyo Game Dungeon 3 on July 30 and its new offshoot, Yokohama Game Dungeon on August 27! If you are going to either or both, stop by the Nice Gear Games booth and say hi! We'll also be taking turns checking out the other games at the event, and we'll probably livetoot any cool stuff we find, so be sure to follow us on Mastodon!


📰 2023 May issue

Title card for the インディー通信 Indie Tsushin 2023 May Issue

Check out the 2023 May issue and its games if you haven't yet! Or you can get it plus the March and April issues for $10 in the 2023 Spring Collection!

🎉 Indiepocalypse Presents: Indie Tsushin

Indiepocalypse Presents: Indie Tsushin

Our special issue that Andrew of Indiepocalypse commissioned from us broke even, so now it's been passed over to us! To celebrate, I added some community copies, and there are still some left! Be sure to grab a copy and see how Indie Tsushin got started!

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