📰 2023 September Zine Issue and Wrap-Up!

Written by Renkon

2023年 9月 29日

It's been a roller coaster of a month for us here at Nice Gear Games, both good and bad. We're hoping you've been staying safe and well! To help you ease into October, we come bearing the 2023 September issue of インディー通信 Indie Tsushin!

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin 2023 September Issue

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We've also released the 2023 June-July, August, and September issues as the 2023 Summer Collection:

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And without further ado, let's see what's inside!

2023 September インディー通信 Indie Tsushin Zine Issue

👑 Pickup! Yokohama Game Dungeon

Yokohama Game Dungeon

We checked out twenty interesting games from Yokohama Game Dungeon on August 27!

🎮 Madorica Real Estate 2: The Mystery of the New Property

Title screen of Madorica Real Estate 2: The Mystery of the New Property

We looked at Madorica Real Estate 2: The Mystery of the New Property, a puzzle game from GIFT TEN INDUSTRY that blends analog and digital elements to create a unique escape room game experience in your home!

🎮 北海道4,500km (Hokkaido 4,500km)

Title screen of Hokkaido 4,500km

We rode the rails in 北海道4,500km (Hokkaido 4,500km), a train-riding simulator by Tempoku where you spend the summer of 1967 riding all 4,500km of Hokkaido's railway lines!

🎮 INFINOS Series

Huge purple chopper shining a searchlight down on the player ship in INFINOS GAIDEN

Daikon wrote about the INFINOS Series of retro-styled horizontal shooting games by Picorinne Soft!

🎮 脳みそジャーニー (Brain Journey)

Title screen of 脳みそジャーニー (Brain Journey)

Daikon wrote about 脳みそジャーニー (Brain Journey), an adorably gruesome exploration adventure game by megamittz about finding your missing brain!


Title screen of BELLUMAROT

Guest writer GSK wrote about BELLUMAROT, a card game with extensive puzzle-game roots made by veteran puzzler Yanaboh!

🎤 Interview with Takashi Hamada

Paint brush ghost floating down a hallway and approaching the camera, leaving a trail of paint splotches on the carpet behind it

We had the opportunity to speak with Takashi Hamada of GIFT TEN INDUSTRY about making hybrid analog-digital video games like the puzzle-stuffed mystery game, Madorica Real Estate 2!

🎤 Interview with RYO of Picorinne Soft

Player battling a huge sand-colored mech in a desert in INFINOS GAIDEN

We were honored to be able to speak with RYO of Picorinne Soft about making arcade-style shooting games like the INFINOS Series!

🎤 Interview with megamittz

Jack the pumpkin yelling 'Whooo!! Goooo!! There!! Get 'em!!'

We had the chance to speak with megamittz, the creative duo behind the upcoming horror-comedy adventure RPG, Brain Journey!

🎤 Interview with Yanaboh

READY screen for BELLUMAROT. Player is facing off against a green-haired CPU opponent

We got to speak with Yanaboh about playing and loving puzzle games of all stripes, and making the competitive action puzzle game BELLUMAROT!

Other Announcements

🎪 Nice Gear Games will be at Zentame!

Zentame #6

We'll be at Zentame on October 21-22! If you happen to be in Gifu (possibly to check out the Yumeiro Yuram tournament?), be sure to stop by the Nice Gear Games booth and say hi! We have Indie Tsushin postcards to hand out, and you can challenge us to a round of Nice Disc! We'll also be taking turns checking out the other games at the event and posting about it, so be sure to follow us on Mastodon!


📰 2023 August issue

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin 2023 August Issue

Check out the 2023 August issue and its games if you haven't yet!

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